Roof Drain Calculations

Roof Drain Calculations

In order to size rain water leaders and gutters there are some simple calculations to follow. First, you must know the maximum 15 minute rainfall intensity in millimetres (mm) for your area; which can be found either through the national building code or your local environmental weather office, and the size of the area in square meters (m2) being served by the drain. Any adjoining vertical walls extending from the roof will be accounted for as well by using half of the square area. The product of these two figures will produce a hydraulic load; in litres, that can be used to find the required pipe size according to your local codes.

Example calculation

A flat roof measuring 3m x 4m with one vertical wall extending from the roof measuring 3m x 4m has a 30mm rainfall intensity.

Area = (3m x 4m= 12m2)+(3m x 4m= 12m2 /2 = 6m2)= 18m2

30mm x 18m2 = 540 litres