Static Pressure Head of Water

Static Pressure Head of Water

How to find the pressure head of water from various heights in pounds per square inch or kilopascals. Simply put, the pressure from static head is the force exerted in all directions onto its container from the weight of the water above. Knowing the required static head is useful when selecting pumps to lift water to specific heights.

Assumes water temperature of 60F / 16C

Head formula – Imperial
27.72 inches of water = 1 psi


1 foot of water = 0.433 Psi
3 feet X 0.433 = 1.299 Psi

Head Pressure – Metric
10 Kpa = 1.45 Psi


1 Meter of water = 9.797 Kpa
18 M X 9.797 = 176.346 Kpa